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World History Through Film
International Relations
West Coast Citizen Journalism and Activism School

World History Through Film


Course overview: The scope of World History Through Film provides the latitude to range widely across all aspects of human experience: economics, science, religion, philosophy, politics and law, military conflict, literature, and the arts. The course will involve viewing films about historical events and issues, using those films as a pathway to understanding the stories we tell ourselves about our own past, and interpreting the purposes behind those stories. Students will uncover patterns of behavior, identify historical trends and themes, explore historical movements and concepts, and test theories. 

The course is aimed at developing critical thinking and will require students to refine their ability to read for comprehension; perform critical analysis; summarize, categorize, compare, and evaluate information; write clearly and convincingly; express facts and opinions orally; and use technology appropriately to present information. 

Globalization and International Relations

Course overview: Globalization and International Relations is a social science course that introduces students to the forces, events, individuals and issues that define the increasing interaction and interdependence of the people and nations of our 21st century world. The curriculum’s central presentations, interactive workshops, readings, computer- writing prompts, team and individual student projects are based on the disciplines of geography, political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, and international studies. 

West Coast Citizen Journalism and Activism School

Course overview: West Coast Citizen Journalism and Activism School is committed to helping students learn why news matters and acquire the skills needed to succeed as 21st-century journalists and citizens: Exploring, interpreting, and creating news and popular culture, learning how to gather accurate information and retaining media literacy; understanding the First Amendment and practicing civic education.

The course is a hybrid: online with option of small group meet ups for the aforementioned journalism skill development. 

"To me, history ought to be a source of pleasure. It isn't just part of our civic responsibility. To me, it's an enlargement of the experience of being alive, just the way literature or art or music is." -

David McCullough: American historian

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