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Bill Kelly, is a skilled history teacher and homeschooling dad of two young boys. He is the founder of Axiom Education Services, Inc. He earned a Master of Education degree and has an active CA Single Subject Social Science Clear Credential. Believing that history is alive, he says that our past is vitally linked to our 'now' and informs our future choices. Mr. Kelly created Axiom History Suites because he wants, "to excite young people with a passion to learn what our local and global ancestors have done in wisdom, and even as fools, so that young people can better evaluate the diversity of ideas to achieve a better life." Axiom Education Services provides the fertile grounds for your child to safely and rigorously assess primary sources, conflicting interpretations, and apply life-transforming ideas. 



“Mr. Bill Kelly of Axiom Education Services provides students with a “multiple source” education process. Unlike similar courses that offer information from one textbook and its accompanied workbook, the Axiom course program pulls from multiple sources. This method enriches the learning process, while being complementary to the standard/required text. Mr. Kelly’s approach provides students with diverse perspectives and a wider/deeper view of the subject matter.”

The Redjai Family

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